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What is Circadian Rhythm, and why a Circadian Beverage™?

“Circadian” literally means “about a day.” Circadian Rhythms are the body’s internal, natural cycles regulating things like sleep, mood, appetite, metabolism, hormones and temperature, following the 24 hour sleep-wake cycle, repeating and aligning with the Earth’s 24 hr rotation. They are the master biological clocks, taking cues from light and darkness from the eyes, to the center of the brain, which then signals the body’s cells and energy levels to coordinate. All living things follow these rhythms, syncronizing with light and dark, and the planet.

body’s natural biological clock

Why Does It Matter?

Circadian Rhythm is your body’s natural biological clock, coordinating what happens in your body, down to the cellular level, around a 24 hour sleep wake cycle, in tune with the rotation of our planet, sunrise to sunset. It all begins with the neurons in your eyes, that capture light and communicate with your brain to send signals throughout your body about what it’s supposed to be doing from morning through night, affecting things like mental clarity and focus, digestion, stamina, digestion, delivering nutrients to your cells, restful sleep, and restoring your body to prepare for the next day. Many things like blue light, when and what we eat, exercise and work affect our natural rhythms. Supporting our bodies during these phases throughout the day help us stay connected to that natural 24 hour sleep wake cycle, optimize our health, get the most out of our day, and achieve our full potential. Following and complementing our natural Circadian Rhythms keeps our bodies strong, helps us fight off bacterial and viral infections, maintain a healthy weight, heighten our focus and clarity, be well rested, feel and look our best. Science is advancing rapidly in our understanding of how important Circadian Rhythm is in our fight against disease like obesity, cardiovascular problems and diabetes, but also how the signals from the eyes to the brain and our to the body’s organs and cells is critical for us to achieve our best health and fulfill our full human potential, each and every day.




Your natural Circadian Rhythm. Achieve your intentions, look and feel your best… sunrise through sunset. Shine on.